Eskom has new jobs available in all Provinces of South Africa

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Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors. Additional power stations and major power lines are being built to meet rising electricity demand in South Africa. Eskom will continue to focus on improving and strengthening its core business of electricity generation, transmission, trading and distribution. Eskom buys electricity from and sells electricity to the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The future involvement in African markets outside South Africa (that is the SADC countries connected to the South African grid and the rest of Africa) is limited to those projects that have a direct impact on ensuring security of supply for South Africa. ‚ÄčContinue reading to see all jobs available in Eskom.

Work at Eskom in South Africa

Eskom is now recruiting new candidates to work all over the country as:

  • Senior-Clerk-Support-Service-x2-(Transmission-Division)-Simmerpan,-Germiston-(Gauteng)-and-Kimberley-(Northern-Cape)
  • Project-Co-ordinator-Non-Technical-FTC-(Group-Capital-Division)-Megawatt-Park,-Gauteng
  • Manager-Maintenance-C-and-I-(Generation-Division)-Matimba-Power-Station
  • Senior-Technician-SAP-Work-Management-(Generation-Division)-Medupi-Power-Station
  • Mechanical-Technician-x3-(Generation-Division)-Medupi-Power-Station
  • Middle-Manager-Risk-and-Compliance-(Group-Finance-Division)-Megawatt-Park
  • Artisan-(Coded-Welding)-x1-(Generation-Division)-Koeberg-Operating-Unit
  • Senior-Engineering-Assistant-x3-(Transmission-Division)-Upington-MTS,-Ferrum-MTS-and-Olien-MTS
  • Senior-Supervisor-x2-(Welding-x1,-Civil-x1)-(Generation-Division)-Koeberg-Operation-Unit
  • Senior-Supervisor-Secondary-Plant(Transmission-Division)-East-London-CLN
  • Artisan-(Rigging-x1)-(Generation-Division)-Koeberg-Operating-Unit
  • Engineer-Prof-Instrument-x2-(Generation-Division)-Tutuka-Power-Station
  • Senior-Engineer(Transmission-Division)-Rustenburg
  • More jobs available at Eskom…

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