How to Invest in Bitcoins in South Africa? Make Money Right Now.

Bitcoin South AfricaLearn how to invest money in Bitcoins in South Africa. Make money right now. Don’t miss this opportunity. No experience required!

Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. More merchants are beginning to accept them: You can buy webhosting services, pizza, manicures or even products at Amazon.

For that reason the price of Bitcoin wen from 1 dollar to more than 6.000 dollars and specialists say that it’s price will go even higher. For that reason, now it’s time to join millions of investors and start investing in Bitcoins. Continue reading to learn how to invest and profit from Bitcoin in South Africa.

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Looking for jobs in Sasol in South Africa? Apply now!

Sasol South AfricaSasol in South Africa is recruiting. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your career and join a reputable company. Start working at Sasol today!

Sasol is an international integrated chemicals and energy company that leverages technologies and the expertise of our 30 300 people working in 33 countries. We develop and commercialise technologies, and build and operate world-scale facilities to produce a range of high-value product stream, including liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. Sasol’s new value chain-based operating model came into effect in 2014. Towards this end, the Sasol Group is now organised into two upstream business units, three regional operating hubs, and four customer-facing strategic business units, supported by fit-for-purpose functions as reflected in our new Sasol website.

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New Jobs Available in Durban, South Africa. Apply HERE!

Jobs in Durban, South AfricaLooking for jobs in Durban, South Africa? Yes? Stop wasting more time. More than 400 jobs available to work in Durban. Apply now here!

Durban is the largest city in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. Durban’s metropolitan municipality ranks third among the most populous urban areas in South Africa after Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is also the second most important manufacturing hub in South Africa after Johannesburg. It forms part of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. Durban is famous for being the busiest port in South Africa. It is also seen as one of the major centres of tourism because of the city’s warm subtropical climate and extensive beaches. The municipality, which includes neighbouring towns, has a population of almost 3.5 million, making the combined municipality one of the biggest cities on the Indian Ocean coast of the African continent. Continue reading to see all jobs available in Durban.

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Starbucks has new jobs available in South Africa

Starbucks South AfricaStarbucks stores in South Africa are recruiting new candidates. Don’t miss this opportunity. See all jobs available and apply online!

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of November 2016, it operates 23,768 locations worldwide. Starbucks is considered the main representative of “second wave coffee”, initially distinguishing itself from other coffee-serving venues in the US by taste, quality, and customer experience while popularizing darkly roasted coffee. Since the 2000s, third wave coffee makers have targeted quality-minded coffee drinkers with hand-made coffee based on lighter roasts, while Starbucks nowadays uses automated espresso machines for efficiency and safety reasons. Continue reading to see all jobs available at Starbucks stores in South Africa.

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HOT has new jobs available in Nigeria

HOT NigeriaGroup of communication companies HOT is recruiting in Lagos, Nigeria. Multiple jobs available to work here. Apply now online!

HOT is a group of communication companies that offers customers a great variety of communication services, including multi-channel television, fast internet infrastructure with a speed of 200 Mb, advanced fixed line telephone services, ISP (internet provider) services – via subsidiary company HOTnet, and cellular connection services – via subsidiary company HOT mobile. In addition, the company provides international communication services including long-distance calls for fixed and mobile lines – via subsidiary company HOT 017. HOT has 872,000 subscribers of multi-channel television that constitute about 60% of the multi-channel television market share. The company has about 740,000 internet subscribers that represent more than 40% of the market share, and about 680,000 fixed telephone lines. Even before HOT mobile launching, the company was previously called “Mirs” and listed more than 430,000 clients. HOT provides services for a total of approximately 1.3 million households in Israel. Continue reading to see all jobs available at HOT in Nigeria.

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Eskom has new jobs available in all Provinces of South Africa

EskomEskom is recruiting in every province of South Africa. See all jobs available. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity. Apply now online!

Eskom generates approximately 95% of the electricity used in South Africa and approximately 45% of the electricity used in Africa. Eskom generates, transmits and distributes electricity to industrial, mining, commercial, agricultural and residential customers and redistributors. Additional power stations and major power lines are being built to meet rising electricity demand in South Africa. Eskom will continue to focus on improving and strengthening its core business of electricity generation, transmission, trading and distribution. Eskom buys electricity from and sells electricity to the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The future involvement in African markets outside South Africa (that is the SADC countries connected to the South African grid and the rest of Africa) is limited to those projects that have a direct impact on ensuring security of supply for South Africa. ​Continue reading to see all jobs available in Eskom.

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Nigerian Bottling Company is has new jobs available in Lagos (Nigeria)

Nigerian Bottling CompanyThe company Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd is now recruiting in Lagos, Nigeria. Don’t miss this opportunity to work in a reputable company. Apply now online!

The Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd is one of the biggest companies in the non-alcoholic beverage industry in the country and is the sole franchise bottler of The Coca-Cola Company in Nigeria. Our company serves approximately 160 million people by producing and distributing a unique portfolio of quality brands, bringing passion to marketplace implementation, and demonstrating leadership in corporate social responsibility. Continue reading to see all jobs available to work in Nigerian Bottling Company in Nigeria.

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UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Nigeria has new jobs available

UN Migration Agency (IOM) in NigeriaUN Migration Agency (IOM) in Nigeria is recruiting. Don’t miss this opportunity to help people. Multiple jobs available. Apply now online!

With 166 member states and offices in over 100 countries, including Nigeria, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) is dedicated to promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. It does so by providing services and advice to governments and migrants. IOM strategy focus to provide secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective services for persons who require international migration assistance, and to enhance the humane and orderly management of migration and the effective respect for the human rights of migrants in accordance with international law. Continue reading to see all jobs available at UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Nigeria.

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New Jobs Available in Pretoria (South Africa)

Jobs in Pretoria, South AfricaLooking for jobs in Pretoria, South Africa? Don’t waste more time searching for jobs. Multiple companies and business have new jobs available. Apply now!

Pretoria is a city in the northern part of Gauteng Province, South Africa. It is one of the country’s three capital cities, serving as the seat of the executive branch of government. Pretoria has a reputation for being an academic city with three universities and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) located in its eastern suburbs, the city also hosts the South African Bureau of Standards making the city a hub for research. Here you can find a lot of job opportunties. Continue reading to see all jobs available in Pretoria.

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Driver Jobs in Cape Town, South Africa

Driver jobs Cape TownLooking for jobs to work as Driver in Cape Town? You are on the right place. Stop looking. See all jobs available and apply now!

Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa. It is the second-most populous urban area in South Africa after Johannesburg. It is also the capital and primate city of the Western Cape province. For that reason you can find here good job opportunities, with a higher salary and other benefits that will make all the difference in you professional life. Considered as the South Africa’s second main economic centre and Africa’s third main economic hub city. It serves as the regional manufacturing centre in the Western Cape. Continue reading to see all jobs available at Cape Town to work as Driver.

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